About Us

Trada Overseas is about Aspiring students who want to make education a well thought and well-informed decision for betterment. We inspire students to work towards and achieve their goals through correct education decisions. We are building an excellent profile and credibility within the education industry. We are creating a niche and virtue in and around surroundings. Trada Overseas is a unit of Trada Holidays Pvt Ltd. With a pool of professional, skilled and qualified staff at Trada Overseas, we provide a wide range of value added services which eventually assist students and professionals to achieve and fulfill their dreams and goals.

Its’ no secret that during the processing of a visa-submission, even a minor error could prove costly; lead to long delays, or at times, even destroy one’s immigration dream eternally, leave aside the ensuing disappointment it could eventually lead to. At Way To Trada Overseas, we value the valuable investment of time, efforts & funds that you make even as we do our best to guarantee that your specific case is presented in the best possible way, before the concerned immigration bodies, to reduce the visa-submission mistakes, if any.

Our  Vision

“The essential aspect of 'what we do' is guide an applicant with preparation of documents to get the application lodged in order to obtain 100% result based on the submission to the respective High Commissions. Migration law keeps changing very often. For a visa officer who sees countless applications that look the same-you work, your life, is a collection of documents. For Trada Overseas considers every clients’ application unique and values in carrying out the preparation of an application to make sure the decision of an application comes favorable based on the document preparation for lodgment.”

Our  Mision

“ Trada Overseas follows Step-by-Step Procedure towards lodging a successful application. If applicants choose to proceed with an application under the Skilled Migrant Category, Trada Overseas assures to:

  • Ensure that the clients meet the English requirement to gain sufficient points and A meet the point's requirement before lodgment.
  • Obtain registration in the occupation (if necessary) to ensure that the applicant meets the immigration policy requirements.
  • Lodge an application with a full legal submission, detailing how a client meets the regulations and policy of the Migration Act of each country.
  • Offer all levels of support and commitment towards preparation of an application before lodging the application with the Immigration department.
  • Help the clients after they have obtained their visas for their Resettlement Services.”