Business Visa

Money talks. In the global marketplace there is no truer saying. While multiple avenues remain open to immigration candidates, there is no process as expedited or as beneficial as the investor visa. Countries all over the world have realized the advantage of offering citizenship to wealthy, goal-driven, self-motivated investors who are looking to improve the businesses of their countries. These investors are often offered green cards immediately and receive their citizenship at a rate unmatched by almost every other visa. There are a few technicalities to sort out before such an application can even be submitted, but the benefits far outweigh any potential downsides if you have an experienced immigration practitioner guiding you through this arduous purpose. The cost for these visas varies heavily from country to country, as do the size of the qualifying investment. The average varies between 100,000 dollars all the way up to 1 million dollars. There are thousands of candidates for these visas every year who are looking to make a better life for themselves and their families. With such a high level of competition, it becomes essential to prove worth and showcase value to the review committee. An internationally recognized investor visa consultant like Trada Immigration is essential to this process. Currently, Trada Immigration provides counseling services for investor visa to the following countries


The EB 5 visa allows immigrants to gain permanent residence as soon as they enter the United States. In order to qualify one must be willing to invest between 500,000 USD and 1 million USD in a U.S. business and must also be prepared to take an active role in that business


The Immigrant Investor Program allows experienced business people to settle in Canada and contribute to the country’s growth by investing in Canada’s economy. Investors need to have a minimum net worth of 1,600,000 CAD and be willing to invest at least 800,000 CAD in order to qualify. They are also required to demonstrate that they have adequate business experience.

The Subclass 891 visa for investors allows persons who are already holding a subclass 162 visa and are willing to invest 1.5 million AUD over a period of four years in Australian business to settle permanently in Australia.
New Zealand

Being an English speaking country New Zealand is also a good option for immigrants now a day. New Zealand is considered 153 rd largest national economies in the world. New Zealand has one of the most globalized economy where its main income depends on International trade. Export and Import of several daily usable products are also generating high revenue for the New Zealand economy. Local Businesses are very well managed by the regulations of their government. IT is also on boom here in New Zealand therefore the jobs are available for techies. Based on these Trada Immigration is one of the lucrative options indeed.

And Many More Other Countries